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CU-BWP organizes all kinds of projects to protect the environment interactively with the platform Every project can present itself here completely free of charge. Anyone can post their project ideas and use community feedback. There are many features to solicit support. such as B. a job exchange, crowdfunding, with events, etc. There will also be a dedicated market for donations in kind soon.

CU-App is just as suitable for private projects as for projects of clubs, foundations, non-profit organizations. The more we connect with each other, the more people can support the projects.

So that the projects are known all over the world, we look forward to any distribution. Share your favorite projects with your friends and let everyone know you’re in.

Costs? Like any non-profit initiative, we also need money to finance the whole thing. Therefore we have created different user accounts. In addition to the free standard user, there is also the “Starter” user, with which you can provide great support with a small contribution and also use more functions of Every contribution, every fee, every revenue goes to support the CU-Better World Projects! “Starter” is particularly suitable for project starters and offers the feature for our sponsorship option. A kind of affiliate bonus program in which projects can benefit from a 20% share of each newly recruited, paid Pro membership (voluntary). Your project will receive direct financial support.


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