The CU-App is in preparation and will be available soon.

See You (CU) is a non-profit initiative for Better World Projects that aims to connect people.

Everyone knows that we have to do something for our environment and for nature. It is best to do this together. We therefore support the search for new contacts with the CU -App. The goal is to set up an amazing great network with the community for Better World Projects.

Join in and help the environment. It’s simple – it’s always worth it!

CU-BWP (See You – Better World Projects) uses our platform to interactively organize all kinds of projects to protect the environment. Each project has its own job exchange, where you can either support yourself on a voluntary basis or in actual employment.

So that the projects become known all over the world, we look forward to any distribution. Share your favorite projects with your friends and let everyone know you’re there.

Costs? Like any non-profit initiative, we need money to fund it all. We have therefore created various user accounts with which you can provide great support with a small contribution. Every contribution, every fee, every income is used to support the CU-Better World Projects! But of course you can also just use the app with the free features.

Great that you are here!

See You

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