See You – Connect You !

With CU-BWP we want to achieve more dynamism for climate and environmental protection projects. We connect people who want to do something good for the environment. We collect donations, create new projects and new jobs

– we’re helping each other.

We want to use this mutual willingness to help, this positive energy, to drive environmental protection projects forward.

 For decades we have harmed nature and the environment. Now it’s time to make it up for it.


See You  –  for Better World Projects !



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The CU Network-App

With the CU-App you can find new contacts, new projects, new hands-on activities. With the app everyone has the chance to support our culture and our environment – with time or donations. In particular, See You offers the active “starter” projects sponsorship in order to generate funds for the project.

It’s best to start now.

See You – Connect You

one planet

become a partner

The CU-Partner Portal

Every organizer, entrepreneur or artist who constantly comes into contact with many people and wants to do something good for their guests and our environment is welcome as a partner. Connect people via smartphone in the virtual visitor room and support regional environmental protection projects at the same time. Benefit from the many functions of the CU-App. Connect People!

Partner – Connect us

become  a supporter

The CU-Crowdfunding

This is the right address for sponsors, investors and of course also donors. With honor and responsibility we have to show the next generation together that we can solve our environmental problems again. Everyone can help, everyone can support.

Be there and help our youth in particular with the many great ideas.

For Better World Projects

Better World Projects is maybe the only platform worldwide where you can implement environmental projects together. The aim of the platform is to interactively use the talents and willingness to help from all over the world. For our environment, which we humans have caused considerable damage. The more sustainability the projects have, the better. I.e. a garbage collection project is already very good and we are happy about every new action. It would be more perfect if you could recycle the waste directly or even prevent the generation of waste. Then we have sustainable projects with which economic success can possibly even be achieved. There are countless ideas and possibilities that we can bundle here and use together for our future. Participation is all that is required!


What distinguishes us from all the other organizations that do something for the environment or against climate change?

Basically not much. However, we don’t just focus on one project, but rather on connecting people to better implement YOUR project. In 90% of all environmental projects, money is only collected to cover the costs. That’s good and important. However, we pursue the goal of using people’s willingness to help. In the simplest way. Each of us can do something. Everyone has a talent and everyone can certainly donate some of their time to a project. It’s very simple: Let’s say you’re an accountant and know a lot about bookkeeping. It would be great if you donate e.g. one hour a week to take care of the bookkeeping in one of the projects.

And so everyone can donate their talent and do something good for the environment. Anyone can download the CU-App and help our culture one step further. CU-BWP can only work if many, many, many people participate. The more different talents we have, the more effective the projects become. The more people participate, the more new project ideas will arise. So even more jobs and even more benefits for a better environment.

Better World Projects  –  just join in!

I’m, Sven Schumann – founder of the initiative, think it is really possible that we as a community can do more than just alone and I’m therefore happy about everyone who supports me in this initiative.